Debbie O Gibson is a Brownsville Bklyn native also known as Oneekathediva. She is a lover of all genres of music. An R&B singer by nature, songwriter and executive producer of her music, Oneekathediva songs are created with swag and style to depict the rich sound of Hip Hop and R&B. Her talent and vocals stem back to school chior and  talent shows with Cabrini, The Boys and Girls club of NY as well as various school talent events. It was a pleasure for her to test her skills at the Iguana lounge in downtown Manhattan and bless the open mike scene alongside other unsigned independent artist. Oneekathediva gives a heartfelt thanks to her mentor Katrina whom she lost to cancer that was a huge inspiration in her life. Due to her dear friends strong belief in her talent, it gives Oneeka thediva the perseverance to keep pursuing her dreams. 

Being able to grow up and listen to artists perfect their craft over the years has allowed Oneekathediva to stay confident and positive with her own music. She has enjoyed legendary artists like Micheal Jackson,James Brown, Al Green, Mary J Blige, from Jill Scott to Jay-Z and the incomparable Nina Simone. Whom are among her favorite artists that leaned her ear to music as a child into adulthood.

Presently the C.E.O. of a vibrant up and coming independent record label (DebbieG.MusicGroup), publishing company (You Can Rock 2 Publishing) as well as a radio station (You Can Rock 2 Radio) via StationHead, The startups are getting a buzz that has the potential to be a game changer in this world of music.

 Oneekathediva has been working on her first album (Diva Music 101) which has been diligently engineered by the talented CItiSoundz studio of Yonkers, NY and Dark Room Studios (Aim Entertainment) in the Castle Hill section of the Bx. She is currently thriving with Indie On The Move and the Get Money Stop Hating Tour with noted C.E.O. Jess Jones of  DBBS  Management.

When Oneekathediva is not making music she is dedicating her time to her family and the Autism Community for OPWDD as a Case Worker to serve the population. Oneekathediva continues to be persistent as an independent artist in the hopes of making history like some of the iconic figures she idolizes